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2018 Traffic Equipment Lightweight Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Application Forum Held in Chongqing

2018 Traffic Equipment Lightweight Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Application Forum Held in Chongqing

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(Summary description)According to the aluminum screening reporter, in order to cater to the development trend of automobile lightweight,.

2018 Traffic Equipment Lightweight Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Application Forum Held in Chongqing

(Summary description)According to the aluminum screening reporter, in order to cater to the development trend of automobile lightweight,.

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On November 15th, the 2018 Traffic Equipment Lightweight Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Application Forum hosted by Beijing Minhui Strategy Information Consulting Co., Ltd. was held in Chongqing. The forum invited nearly 100 experts and representatives from the fields of automobile manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace, boat industry, aluminum alloy materials, equipment manufacturing, etc. to provide aluminum-magnesium alloys for transportation equipment enterprises that are committed to lightweight operation. Resources and lightweight technology solutions.

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Wang Dengwen, general manager of Beijing Minhui, pointed out in his opening speech that in recent years, the lightweight development of China's transportation equipment has developed rapidly, and the application range of aluminum-magnesium alloys in rail transportation equipment, aerospace equipment, ships, etc. has been expanding, and various aluminum vehicles have been used. Mass production allows us to see the market space for excellent light metal and aluminum-magnesium alloy materials. Organize this forum to establish an innovative cooperation mechanism between aluminum-magnesium alloy and transportation equipment manufacturing industry, form a high-level integration of the upstream and downstream industry chains, solve the problems of restricting the application, design specifications, standards and technologies of aluminum-magnesium alloys, and help to form a connection between production and demand. A new model of industrial chain that is synergistically developed.

Wang Dengwen, general manager of Beijing Minhui, spoke

As a special guest of the forum, Lu Jiyan, chairman of the Aluminum Processing Professional Committee of the Guangdong Nonferrous Metals Society, delivered a speech at the meeting. Director Lu said that traffic lightness is the focus of national industrial policy support, and the current lightweight development of transportation equipment is on the rise. The aluminum processing technology has been transformed into aluminum for wood, aluminum for copper, and aluminum for steel. It has expanded the application of aluminum in various transportation equipment fields, and has done a lot of equipment renewal, alloy research, technology development, and overall quality management. work. Aluminum processing enterprises still have a long way to go in theoretical breakthroughs, basic materials research, technological innovation, etc., and also take the opportunity to organize a number of member companies to come to learn and exchange, and hope that representatives of enterprises will be inspired by cross-domain thinking collisions. Promote the transformation and upgrading of aluminum processing enterprises to play a role.

  Director Lu Jiyan delivered a speech

In order to enable participants to learn more about the lightweight technology process in various fields of transportation equipment manufacturing and the current status and development trend of aluminum-magnesium alloy applications, this conference focused on the hot topics of various transportation equipment manufacturing enterprises, focusing on the lightweight aluminum of transportation equipment structure. Magnesium alloy applications cover the potential of automotive and magnesium alloy applications in the automotive sector, such as automotive, rail transit, aerospace and marine.

  "Research Progress of Changan Automobile Lightweight Technology" - Deng Yanjun, Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.

Dr. Deng introduced the current lightweight technology of Changan Automobile and has promoted the development of components including aluminum alloy control arm, aluminum alloy steering support and magnesium alloy wheels. In view of the future, Dr. Deng pointed out that the promotion and application of new steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, carbon fiber and other materials requires the joint promotion of materials suppliers and OEMs.

  "High Performance Aluminum Alloy Welding Wire" - Chen Jiqiang, Hangzhou Kunli Welding Mat

erials Co., Ltd.

The report introduces high-performance aluminum alloy welding wire products from various aspects such as preparation process, related standards and certification, quality requirements, etc., and further analyzes the structural performance comparison of aluminum wire welding joints for rail transit with typical analysis.

  "Aircraft Structure Weight Reduction Technology" - Hu Zhendong, China Commercial Aircraft North Research Center

The report analyzes the application prospects and challenges of domestic aluminum alloys by introducing the development of lightweight aluminum alloy applications and technologies. The report points out that structural weight reduction plays an important role in improving the four characteristics of the civil aircraft (safety, economy, comfort, environmental protection), which emphasizes that corrosion resistance is a key property of metal materials, and in recent years, alloy development valued.

  "Application and Prospect of Aluminum Alloy Materials on Boats" - Yinghui Southern Shipbuilding (Guangzhou Panyu) Co., Ltd. Chen Xiaoliang

The report pointed out that aluminum alloy, as a hull material, is widely used in passenger transportation vessels, official law enforcement vessels, engineering vessels, yachts, and cruise ships, and has broad prospects.

  "Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Car Body for Urban Rail Vehicles" - Zhongrui Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Co., Ltd. Deng Rui

The report pointed out that at present, aluminum extrusion technology with simple cross-section and variable cross-section has been developed in China. The aluminum alloy body is mainly composed of long hollow aluminum profiles. If the complex section and variable section aluminum extrusion technology can be developed, it will greatly help the lightweight structure of the vehicle body.

  "Problems in the Process of Automotive Lightweight and Aluminum Alloy Application Solutions" - Chongqing Lifan New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. Wang Guangsheng

The report explains the reasons for the high efficiency of profile production, the high automation rate of profile production, the low cost of manpower use, and the low scrap rate of profiles, which further clarify the reasons for the use of profiles in the principle and direction of lightweight vehicles.

  "Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Material Technology Development and Industry Situation" - China Aviation Industry Development Research Center Hu Yanping

The report pointed out that the aircraft's demand for aluminum is mainly reflected in the aluminum alloy thick plate, especially the heat treatment can strengthen the aluminum alloy thick plate. Most of the aviation grade aluminum alloy thick plates are rolled by heat treatable reinforced aluminum alloy, and the heat treatable reinforced aluminum alloy thick plate is a kind of high-tech and high value-added product.

Through a number of speech reports, delegates learned and mastered the current development of lightweight technology and future trends from various aspects of transportation equipment. For Guangdong aluminum processing enterprises, aluminum profiles extrusion and aluminum alloy welding wire with simple cross-section and variable cross-section Welding and other technologies, high-end aluminum profile processing technology level and capabilities, there is still room for improvement. Under the new era, aluminum profile production and tooling equipment enterprises conform to the general trend of the industry. From the blue sea of ​​architectural aluminum to the blue sea of ​​industrial profiles, take the road of transformation and upgrading, and we should grasp the market opportunities and practice internal strength to ensure transformation and upgrading and green development. The road is more solid.

According to the aluminum screening reporter, in order to cater to the development trend of automobile lightweight, Guangdong Aluminum Processing Professional Committee organized Sichuan Guanghan Samsung Aluminum, Sichuan Sunshine Aluminum, Guangdong Jianmei Aluminum, Fujian Fen'an Aluminum, Guangdong Aome Aluminum , Guangya Aluminum, Guangdong Xindaming Aluminum, Aoke Machinery, Langdun Machinery, Saifu Aluminum Equipment Member Participated in the meeting, from alloy materials, structure, equipment and other aspects to lightweight research institutions, enterprises to learn, and Forum representatives sought more in-depth technical discussions and experience sharing. The forum organized Changan Automobile's visit to the factory in the north of the city. Through the understanding of the production areas such as the assembly shop, the representatives of the enterprises learned and infiltrated from another new angle, gradually formed their own new development ideas, and participated in the traffic with a more positive attitude. Lightweight construction of equipment.

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